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Our services are designed to support and empower creatives, songwriters, composers, authors and labels.

Copyright Administration

We handle all aspects of copyright administration, ensuring that your music is properly registered, protected, and managed. From registration with performance rights organizations to monitoring and licensing, we safeguard your intellectual property rights.

Royalty Collection and Distribution

We have robust systems in place to accurately track, collect, and distribute royalties on your behalf. We handle the complex task of royalty accounting, ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve from various revenue streams, including streaming platforms, radio, TV, and live performances.

Publishing and Licensing Opportunities

We actively seek out publishing and licensing opportunities for your music. Through our extensive network of industry connections, we connect your songs with potential placements in films, TV shows, commercials, and other media outlets, helping you reach wider audiences and generate additional revenue.

Creative Collaboration

We foster creative collaborations by connecting you with top-tier songwriters, producers, and industry professionals. Our goal is to create synergistic partnerships that enhance your creative process, leading to compelling and commercially successful music projects.

Sync Licensing

We specialize in synchronization licensing, securing placements for your music in TV shows, films, advertisements, and other visual media. We handle negotiations, rights clearances, and ensure that your music is well-suited to enhance the visuals and captivate audiences.

Global Representation

We provide global representation for our artists, actively promoting their music on a worldwide scale. Through strategic partnerships and licensing agreements, we work to expand your reach beyond Africa, opening doors to international markets and opportunities.
Whether you need copyright administration, sync licensing, or publishing opportunities, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today and let’s unlock your musical potential together.